Design and installation of freshwater aquariums

Design and installation of freshwater aquariums

Design and installation of freshwater aquariums: learn about our service

Freshwater aquariums give you the opportunity to keep a wide variety of fish, of all sizes and colors. Do you want to hire a freshwater aquarium design and installation service? You have come to the right place!

How is our freshwater aquarium design and installation service?

The reason why we dedicate ourselves to the design and installation of freshwater aquariums is because we have a passion for aquariums. Therefore, we do work that meets the highest quality standards.

When you hire us, we make sure to know your preferences, one of the aspects that we define is the type of aquarium you want. This can be a tropical freshwater aquarium or one with cold freshwater. This is an excellent starting point, as it allows us to define the following characteristics of the aquarium:

  • Temperature.
  • Species that can live in it.
  • Types of plants that can be in the aquarium.

In addition, it is important that we know what the size is, so we calculate the volume of the aquarium, the type and amount of substrate and the filter. In addition, we define aspects such as the heating system and lighting.

How is the process of our work?

Freshwater aquariums can have many different designs, for example, how about an Amazon aquarium? Or do you prefer one that is colorful? You just have to tell us what you want regarding this point and we will create the design.

At Professional Aquariums we make sure to use the best materials in each section of the aquarium. As for the installation, as our objective is that you trust our services, we will tell you how we do it below:

  1. Once the external structure is installed, we continue with the bottom since this is the way in which a suitable environment is provided for the fish.
  2. Now, we install the filtering which is formed by the preliminary (mechanical cleaning) and the main filtering (biological cleaning).
  3. At this point, we install the heaters so that the water has the ideal temperature.
  4. Next, we prepare the decoration so that it resembles the aquascape. Then we add the water.
  5. Finally, we prepare the fish to take them to their new home. For this, we first let them get used to the aquarium temperature in different containers. Then we take them to the aquarium.

Decide for our design and installation of freshwater aquariums!

At Professional Aquariums we offer you an optimal service in which we are committed to giving the best conditions to the fish that will be in the aquarium. Of course, you will also be satisfied with our work and, of course, with the result.

For more information on the design and creation of freshwater aquariums from Professional Aquariums, contact us!