Design and installation of marine aquariums

Design and installation of marine aquariums

Design and installation of marine aquariums: decide for us

At Professional Aquariums we have extensive experience in aquariums of all types. For example, with us you will find a perfect marine aquarium design and installation service. What should you know about our work? What reasons do you have to hire us? Let's talk about it!

What does our work in design and installation of marine aquariums consist of?

Although it may seem easy to say that our work is focused on the design and installation of marine aquariums, it is made up of many processes. These are fundamental so that the result of our service is of quality and meets your expectations.

To talk to you about our work, let's focus first on the design, to do that, we have to maintain clear communication with you. When we know your preferences and the characteristics of the place where the aquarium is planned to be installed, we proceed to make a sketch of the project.

Thanks to the sketch, you can check that you like the design, it is also valid that you suggest improvements. When you are deciding on the design of the marine aquarium, keep in mind the following aspects:

  • The size of the aquarium should allow the fish to swim both vertically and horizontally.
  • The decoration can be made up of both real corals and artificial and hyper-realistic elements.
  • There should be enough corals in the aquarium to provide comfortable hiding places for the fish. In addition, you have to have enough sand for the fish that are used to digging.
  • The aquarium should be in a location that is easy to set up and maintain.

Construction and installation of marine aquariums by Professional Aquariums

Once the design is established, we proceed to build the necessary elements, including the aquarium glass, the decorative elements and the structure. We also do the research for the appropriate filters, lighting, sand and of course the fish.

You are the one who decides what types of fish to have in the marine aquarium, of course, we can make recommendations. In addition to fish, there may be marine invertebrates that are adapted to aquarium conditions.

When the construction phase is complete, we proceed with the installation, the duration of which varies according to the size of the aquarium. When installing the aquarium, we take great care of marine species and comply with the requirements that each one has in terms of the space it inhabits.

Why decide for Acuarios Profesionales?

As you have surely noticed with the explanation of our work in the design and installation of marine aquariums, we take care of all the details. In addition, we make sure that meeting your needs does not prevent the marine aquarium from being an appropriate space for the species that will live in it.

Our work is aimed at companies and individuals. There is no doubt that trusting Professional Aquariums is a great decision, so go ahead and contact us.