Maintenance of marine aquariums

Maintenance of marine aquariums

Maintenance of marine aquariums: learn about the work of Acuarios Profesionales

Saltwater aquariums are characterized by being majestic thanks to the fact that they imitate the marine environment in the best possible way. So that your home or company can continue to enjoy the beauty of this small portion of aquatic landscape, pay special attention to the maintenance of marine aquariums.

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What you should know about the maintenance of marine aquariums

Depending on the size of each aquarium, maintenance of marine aquariums is usually a little more difficult than that of a freshwater aquarium. Of course, in both cases it is an environment in which there are living beings, so you have to ensure their well-being. While you wait for the work of a professional, you can take care of the aquarium in certain ways.

For your part, you can regularly check the thermostat to make sure that the temperature is in the correct range, that is, between 23°C and 28°C. In addition, you have to take care of the salinity and pH of the water.

From time to time, the marine aquarium requires more in-depth maintenance and this is what we specialize in. When we maintain marine aquariums, some of the tasks we complete are the following:

  • Glass cleaning: we remove any residue that reduces visibility inside the aquarium.
  • Salinity control: we verify this aspect even if you do it regularly. Further, if necessary, we replenish the amount of water that has evaporated.
  • Verification of the parameters: this becomes more important when the aquarium, in addition to fish, has corals. In this case, the Ph and KH levels must be maintained with as few fluctuations as possible.
  • Water change: water changes are done in small portions, thus eliminating amounts that are loaded with waste.
  • Siphoning: this aquarium maintenance task is very important, since it eliminates any uneaten waste or food that decomposes and generates substances that reduce water quality.
  • Filter cleaning: it is essential to remove dirt from the filters, because if this is not done, they can be a source of contaminants. In addition, dirt decreases the efficiency of the filters.

Decide for our professional maintenance service!

Although it is very good that you carry out marine aquarium maintenance tasks yourself, be sure to go to professionals. In this way, you make sure that every aspect that contributes to having a beautiful aquarium with the appropriate conditions for the living things that are in it is covered.

At Acuarios Profesionales we are dedicated to the maintenance of saltwater aquariums for both companies and individuals. Therefore, you can come to us with confidence to acquire our specialized service.